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Tree Pruning Bearsden

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Today, we had the privilege of working in the charming neighborhood of Bearsden, Glasgow, where our team at Arbour Services took on the task of pruning a tree that had grown a bit too close for comfort to a client's building. Our mission? To ensure the tree thrived while maintaining a safe distance from the property.

A Pruning Solution

Our client, concerned about the tree's proximity to their building, contacted us for assistance. We understand the importance of responsible tree care, especially when it comes to preserving the beauty of your surroundings while ensuring safety.

Precision Pruning

Our skilled arborists assessed the tree's health and structure before carefully pruning it back from the building. This approach not only preserved the tree's vitality but also created a safer environment for the property and its occupants.

No Mess Left Behind

We take great pride in leaving our workspaces clean and tidy. After the pruning was completed, all removed materials were efficiently processed through our wood chipper machine. This not only reduced waste but also ensured that our client's property remained immaculate.

Happy Clients, Beautiful Results

Our client was delighted with the results. The tree now stands gracefully, no longer encroaching on the building, and the property is free from any debris or clutter. It's a win-win for both our team and the Bearsden community.

Your Trusted Tree Care Partner

At Arbour Services, we're committed to providing top-notch tree care services that enhance the beauty and safety of your surroundings. Whether it's pruning, removal, or any other tree-related needs, we're here to ensure your satisfaction.

If you're in Bearsden, Glasgow, or the surrounding areas and require expert tree care, don't hesitate to reach out to Arbour Services. We're your dedicated tree care partners, committed to keeping our communities clean, green, and beautiful.

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