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No-fuss artificial lawns

Enjoy a green lawn, without having to break out the lawnmower! Arbour Services Ltd can be counted on to install artificial lawns throughout the Glasgow area. We are a fully insured family run business, who offer competitive prices to all customers.

Lush lawns with almost no maintenance!

Many of us will admit that keeping a natural lawn green and healthy is hard work. Artificial turf is a fantastic way to achieve the look of real grass, but with a small fraction of the maintenance! A common sight on football pitches and other commercial spaces, it is growing in popularity for use in homes, and at Arbour Services we can handle the full installation.

Why go artificial?

One of the main advantages of artificial grass is the fact it's low maintenance. It never needs cutting, will never dry out, it is weed resistant and relatively easy to keep clean. It is the ideal choice for people who don't have the time or ability to constantly maintain a natural lawn.


Artificial grass will also stay green throughout the year. No longer do you have to worry about patchy grass and discolouration from heatwaves! 

It is very simple to install, and comes in a handy roll. This allows the team at Arbour Services to place your new lawn within a fairly short timeframe.

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Why choose Arbour Services?

Now you've decided on artificial grass, it's time to choose an installer. Arbour Services is the ideal choice, as we have years of experience in applying artificial grass to gardens and commercial sites throughout the area. We always aim to be competitive on price, and offer free quotations to all our customers. 

Would you prefer the real deal? We can also carry our traditional turfing services.

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Let us install your new artificial lawn

For high-quality installations throughout the Glasgow area, call us now on:

0800 980 4371
01389 382818
0141 611 6524 
01698 537 019
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