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Local experts in tree removal

Count on the team at Arbour Services Ltd to safely and efficiently remove your trees. We work throughout Glasgow & across the central belt. We are a fully insured family run business, who offer competitive prices to all customers.

Fully Insured tree removal specialists

At Arbour Services, we offer a range of tree maintenance services, with our speciality being tree removal. We'll ensure that, where tree removal is the most appropriate option, that it is done in a safe and efficient way, with minimal risk to nearby buildings and the public. We take care to conduct a full survey before we begin, to ensure that tree removal is the right course of action, and that it is done correctly.

Why might a tree need to be removed?

Trees have a number of benefits, but on occasion they may need to be removed. Examples of this might be:

  • Aesthetics. If a tree is negatively impacting the aesthetics of a property.

  • Impact on nearby structures. As trees grow, they may start to impact nearby structures: roots may cause structural damage, and tall trees could affect power lines and other utilities.

  • Safety. Damaged trees could prove to be a danger, and removal may be the best course of action.

  • Site management. On larger estates and properties, it may be more beneficial to remove a tree, for the greater good of the surrounding land.

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We also offer alternatives to tree removal

Whilst tree removal might seem like your only option, our survey might reveal suitable alternatives. From crown reduction to pruning and shaping, we can help make your tree less of an inconvenience, improve the look of your property, and reduce any future risks the tree may cause, without the need for full removal.

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Get a free quote for our tree removal services

Contact Glasgow's tree experts today, on:

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