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Hassle-free hedge trimming

Arbour Services Ltd can be counted to help keep your hedges and bushes in line. Contact our team for professional services across Glasgow. We are a fully insured family run business, who offer competitive prices to all customers.

Keep on top of your hedge maintenance

Not only can a neat and tidy hedge help with the appearance of your property, but it can also help with visibility: a must when reversing a car and seeing what's coming up and down the road. At Arbour Services we can trim your hedges to the desired levels, at a time that suits you. Based in Glasgow we can trim hedges, shrubs, small trees and other greenery throughout the wider area.

Helping you to keep your garden tidy and presentable

Hedges are still a common sight in gardens, and it pays to keep them in order. At Arbour Services we offer a complete hedge trimming and cutting service, designed to keep your hedges, topiary and small trees tidy and presentable.

Our team has years of experience, and has the skills needed to ensure your hedges are trimmed evenly, level, and still leave plenty of greenery.

Our services are available to homeowners, landlords, and site managers throughout the area.

House in the Countryside
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Hedge removal

If a hedge is diseased or terribly misshapen, sometimes the better option might be to remove it. We can fully remove your hedge, including any stumps that remain after removing the main body. We will leave you with a blank slate, ready for replanting or anything else you have in mind.

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Speak to one of our experts today

For professional hedge trimming, shaping and removal, contact one of our specialists now on:

0800 980 4371
01389 382818
0141 611 6524 
01698 537 019
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