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Tree branches

Dead tree removal across Glasgow

Whether a tree has been affected by disease, or it's a trunk that's been sitting at the side of the road for years, trust Arbour Services Ltd to remove the tree from your land. We are a fully insured family run business, who offer competitive prices to all customers.

Professional dead wood removal

If your tree has been affected by disease, vandalism, pests or the weather, you can count on the expert knowledge of Arbour Services. No matter how your dead tree came to be, we'll ensure it is promptly and safely trimmed or removed, recycling as much material as possible to minimise our impact on the environment.

Why remove a damaged or diseased tree?

There are a number of reasons you may need to remove a dead tree. The most common being:

  • Safety. Removing the tree now can prevent it falling accidentally and causing damage or injury.

  • Disease control. If a tree is diseased, removing it can help reduce the spread of any afflictions

  • Aesthetics. A damaged or diseased tree may impact the overall look and feel of an area. We can remove the whole tree, or just affected sections.

  • Development. If you plan to develop or renovate the land around the tree.

  • Balance. We can remove damaged sections of a tree, which can help reduce its weight and make it less likely to suffer further damage.

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Review our services today

The Arbour Services team appreciated every opportunity for feedback. If we have helped to tackle a problematic tree, let us know how you found the quality of our services. 

Find us on, or speak to our team directly. In any case, your feedback is welcomed.

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Get a free quote from our team today

We aim to reply to all messages as soon as possible. For a prompt response we recommend calling us on:

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