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Professional stump grinding across Glasgow

Don't let a troublesome stump get in your way. Contact the experts at Arbour Services Ltd to remove your stump efficiently and safely. We are a fully insured family run business, who offer competitive prices to all customers.

Trusted stump removal specialists

Many will say that the hardest part of a tree to remove is the stump. Whether you have had a tree cut down recently, or the stump has been sitting in your garden for decades, give the team at Arbour Services a call. We have over 30 years' industry experience, and in that time have removed countless stumps using professional-grade stump grinding equipment.

What is stump grinding?

One of the most common methods of stump removal, it involves using a large cutting disk to grind away at the main core of the stump. All that's left will be the roots, which will decay over time and cause minimal trouble, if any.


The resultant wood chips created from this process can then be collected and recycled, meaning minimal impact to the environment.

It is also relatively fast, cheap, and a less intensive method of removal, as you don't have to dig out a large part of your garden to get at the stump.

Our stump grinding services are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

stump grinding
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We want to provide the best service that we can, and your feedback helps us achieve this. 

If we have recently completed a stump removal service, or any other tree surgery work, please feel free to review the quality of our work on

All comments are welcomed, and used to improve our services.

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Contact our experienced stump grinding team

For services across the Glasgow area, call us now on:

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