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Driveway Extension Kirkintilloch

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

At Arbour Services, we take pride in turning your property dreams into reality. Our recent project in Kirkintilloch has not only added elegance and functionality to a homeowner's property but also showcased our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. We had the privilege to extend on to driveway to create a beautiful pathway, and we're excited to share the details of this transformation.

The Challenge

Our client in Kirkintilloch had a vision of expanding their existing driveway to create a more spacious and visually appealing pathway that would complement their property's aesthetics. The challenge was to blend the new extension seamlessly with the existing tarmac driveway while ensuring it was both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The Solution

Arbour Services' team of experts took on the task with enthusiasm and expertise. Here's how we achieved the transformation.

Initial Assessment

We conducted a thorough assessment of the site, considering the property's architectural features and the landscape to create a cohesive design.

Design and Planning

Our team collaborated with the homeowner to design a pathway extension that matched their vision and the surrounding environment.

Material Selection

We selected high-quality mono block paving materials that not only matched the existing driveway but also promised durability and longevity.


Our skilled workforce meticulously extended the mono block driveway, ensuring precise alignment, level surfaces, and adequate drainage to handle Scotland's weather.

Finishing Touches

We paid attention to the finer details, such as edging, ensuring a seamless transition between the old and new sections of the driveway. We also added a decorative border to enhance the overall appeal.

The Result

The end result was nothing short of spectacular. The new mono block Pathway extension seamlessly integrated with the existing one, providing ample space for multiple vehicles and an elegant pathway that enhanced the property's curb appeal. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome and appreciated the improved functionality and aesthetics of their property.


At Arbour Services, we take every project as an opportunity to showcase our commitment to excellence. This mono block pathway extension in Kirkintilloch not only met our client's expectations but exceeded them. If you have a driveway or landscaping project in mind, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to turn your dreams into reality, just like we did for our Kirkintilloch client.

Contact us today for a consultation and a free quotation.

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