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How Hiring Tree Surgeons Can Benefit Your Business

In the UK, we are known for our woodlands and green scenery. Taking these natural benefits fully into your stride as a business owner can feel daunting, with trees and shrubbery requiring adequate and regular maintenance to convey the professionalism of a business. Luckily, tree surgeons meet the job description easily.


Offering tree surgery and other maintenance services, tree surgeons are employed by businesses across the globe. In this article from Arbour Services, you can find out more about the benefits of hiring a tree surgeon for your property, no matter which industry your business falls under.

What Tree Surgeons Do

As with any species, trees can become sick, leading to further issues. Illness is not always immediately apparent, which is where tree surgeons come in. A tree surgeon can check whether the local trees are healthy. In addition, they can trim down intrusive branches and fell unsafe trees, alongside planting new saplings and seedlings where needed.


Why Use The Experts

While it can feel tempting to try to remove or care for your trees personally, using the experts is far more advantageous. Professional tree maintenance specialists will use their experience and expertise to survey trees for any issues before work is carried out, helping them understand which tools might be needed. Using incorrect equipment can result in serious damage to trees, causing further and more difficult issues later on.


Some trees can also be invasively disturbing the property’s foundations without being immediately apparent. With incorrect removal, trees can damage any buildings found on your land, resulting in a dangerous environment for both your staff and guests to visit. Tree roots, for example, can affect pipework silently, causing undiscovered damage with ease. An expert will be able to safely address these problems, ensuring that they are carried out with care and precision.

The Benefits for Different Businesses

Hiring tree surgeons has various benefits, unique to different companies. In this section of the article, you can learn about the advantages of tree surgeons and how they directly benefit businesses.

Hospitality and Recreational Industries

Golf courses are known for their idyllic scenarios, providing the setting for people to enjoy sporting activities. Without the proper maintenance performed on the trees of golf courses, the luxury of the experience for visitors is ruined. Damaged and sick trees can fall easily across courses, creating barriers to completing the course fully and deterring customers from returning.


When guests come to stay at a hotel, there are expectations for the appearance and conditions of any outdoor spaces. Weddings are held routinely at many hotels, which allows them to advertise themselves through pictures taken on the big day. Wedding guests will be more likely to return at a later date if they enjoyed the experience they had while there.


Finally, a popular option for families to spend vacation time is at nature-focused adventure parks. Climbing trees, which promotes advanced motor skills, can only be done in a safe space where the trees are safe. Tree surgeons are used to verify that trees can be used for climbing or building upon, creating a space where parents feel reassured that their children are safe from danger while exploring the nature around them.

Educational Facilities

Attracting parents and students alike is vitally important for educational facilities, encouraging children and young adults to attend that particular institution. Without students, educational facilities could not be profitable, nor afford to stay in business.


Trees and green spaces are particularly beneficial, for example, when surrounding a nursery school. Young children need readily available greenery to learn about how our environment works, as well as being encouraged to get involved with creative outdoor activities. By instilling creativity young, children can more easily express themselves later on in life, making their feelings easily known and gaining a sense of individuality.


For primary and secondary school students, having a space to spend their leisure time outside of indoor places is vital. When inside all day, children struggle to work productively, feeling lethargic while learning. Spending time outside surrounded by trees can help them to expend any energy they have. Regular exercise also promotes healthier lifestyles, helping children to become happier in their everyday lives.


Finally, universities are educational institutions that students attend voluntarily. Compulsory education ends at 18, making it particularly important for universities to attract students. Successful further education facilities provide potential students with well-looked-after outdoor spaces, conveying that the university will look after students just as well as the surrounding nature. Students are also becoming more eco-conscious, specifically looking for institutions that visibly acknowledge the importance of sustaining the health of the natural world.

Medical Centres

Hospitals are often stereotyped as being cold and unwelcoming spaces, unfriendly in how sterile they are. For patients to recover successfully, pleasant views are undeniably helpful. Fresh air can help people feel better. Outdoor spaces are also incredibly important for the rehabilitation process, giving a safe space for recovering patients to get out in the world once again.


As we get older, it can feel easy to feel disconnected from the environment around us. Care homes and retirement centres are excellent places to help elderly citizens retain their independence while being able to access immediate healthcare should it be required. Successful retirement homes advertise the surrounding natural environment as an advantage, meaning the trees and shrubbery in the area need to be immaculate and aesthetically pleasing. Tree surgeons are invaluable assistants in this process, ensuring the space is appealing to a business’s target audience.

Keeping Our Spaces Green

With any environment, improper landscaping and deforestation can have dangerous impacts on the local wildlife and natural ecosystems. Many species of animals across the UK need specific trees and plants are integral to their wellbeing, providing sources of shelter and food. Without these staples, a species can easily go extinct, having knock-on impacts on the environment.

Our . Services

At Arbour Services, we have been providing our services around Scotland for more than 30 years, supporting domestic and commercial property owners to manage their green spaces effectively. From expert dead tree removals to brickwork, you can find out more about our services by reading this section.

Tree Surgery

Arguably what we’re best known for, our tree surgery services are unmatched in the Glasgow area and beyond. We provide homes and businesses with full support with tree maintenance, helping them to maintain a friendly and professional appearance while monitoring the health of local trees. From stump grinding to crown reduction surgeries, our team of experts can really do it all.


At Arbour Services, we understand that the appearance of a property isn’t solely limited to the surrounding trees. We can provide hard and soft landscaping, comprehensively taking care of your green spaces. Whether it’s a new garden fence for your home or managing the drainage at your commercial property, we will always be on hand to help.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in high-quality arbour services in Scotland, we can help you get it right the first time. Learn more about us and our services at Arbour Services on our website, or get in touch with us directly today.

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